Admission 2014

Admission form to be Collected from the School Office

All applications for admission must be made on the prescribed form alongwith a non-refundable amount. Applications for admission must be submitted not later than the date indicated on the bulletin board in the School Office.

No student will be admitted unless he produces a Transfer Certificate from his previous school. If he has not attended a School previously he must produce a Birth Certificate. Moreover, an affidavit is required for the date of Birth attested by a First Class Magistrate or Notary Public on a Rs. 10/- Non-judicial Stamp Paper. In addition, the parents of all applicants must sign an “Age Declaration Form” guaranteeing that, at no time, and under no circumstances, will any request be made for a change in the date of birth.

There is a scale of minimum and maximum ages for admission to classes. The School authorities reserve the right, through the Director, to reject any application for admission without assigning any reason and even to expel any student already admitted to the School. Fee once deposited is not refundable under any circumstance.

Admission to STD XI (Provisional) :

The Senior School Certificate Course offered here is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and is a two year Post Secondary School Course which has been recognized by all Indian Universities as equivalent to the Intermediate College Examination. On completion of the course, the candidates are eligible to begin the three year degree course in the Universities.

  • Since admission to Class XI is designed to be SELECTIVE in the Government’s Scheme of Education, students of Class X must apply for admission to Class XI when applications are called for and appear for an Entrance Test, if any. Hence, Secondary School Studies in this school will not be a guarantee for admission to the Senior Secondary (Plus Two) Course in this school.
  • Apart from the minimum qualification prescribed by the Central Board, the school has its own norms of eligibility for admission. Eligibility depends on the following :

    • High academic performance in All India Secondary School Examination, the Entrance Test, Pre-Board Examination, and his / her performance in Class IX & X.
    • Regularity in attendance and work during IX-X. Only those students will be accommodated who in addition to mental ability have also displayed serious application to studies.
    • Character and conduct of the candidate should be such that during the course here at Seedling he/she has shown clear evidence that he/she has benefitted from the character formation offered in the school. Mere academic performance WILL NOT MAKE THE STUDENT ELIGIBLE FOR ADMISSION TO CLASS XI. The Principal / Director in consultation with the Governing Body of the school is the final arbiter in this matter.
  • For the various streams offered in the school percentage of marks in individual subjects and overall percentage shall be specified each year. This information has to be collected from the school office.

Seedling Group of School, With Drawals

Withdrawals :

The intended withdrawal of a student from the school must be given to the Principal/Director in writing atleast three months (90 days) in advance along with a copy of the receipt of the fee of the next quarter being paid. Those parents/guardians who withdraw children from the school in April or May and the students of Std. X and XII who wish to discontinue their studies, must pay fee upto June.

The School has the right to ask the parents to withdraw their child if his/her progress in studies is unsatisfactory, attendance irregular, conduct harmful to other students, fee not paid in advance or if there are other reasons which, in the opinion of the school authorities render his/her continuance in the school undesirable.

Honesty, cleanliness, good manners and loyalty are expected from each student and any one not conforming to the school’s rules in these matters may be asked to leave. Immorality or wilful damage to property are always reasons for dismissal. A student who fails a second time in the school will be asked to leave the school.

Scholarship Fund :

The School helps a large number of needy children with full or partial scholarship so that they may be beneficiaries of good education. Scholarships are also awarded to academic achievers in every session. Parents and guardians who have been blessed with material wealth are requested to contribute generously towards the poor children’s scholarship fund.