Pre-Primary Section

The pre-primary section at Seedling Modern High School provides a unique, innovative, fun-filled, specially designed childcare programme, which introduces young children from the Nursery to the exciting and fascinating world of learning

Learning Environment

The school has a spacious activity room, well-stocked with educational play stations toys and games for Pre-Primary children, to develop their creative faculties. Park equipment has also been provided for the tiny tots. A multipurpose hall with a Doll House, Theatre, Mini Library and self-expression corner has been furnished. This also provides facilities for Hi-tech audio-visual viewing and educational games and equipments for motor skills and muscular development. Educational songs, nursery rhymes with actions, story narration, display charts, flash cards, puppets, educational toys, craftwork are the interesting play way techniques which are a forte in the Pre-Primary school.

The focus here is on preparing the little ones for formal schooling. The tiny seedlites enjoy a number of activities which enable them master, sensory and motor skills.

Primary Section

This section provides the foundation for higher learning, therefore the syllabus is carefully planned to ensure thorough conceptual understanding through integrated and holistic teaching.

Learning Environment :

Specially designed classrooms, with colourful furniture, make a happy and cheerful learning environment for the student. A modern and fully equipped computer room with pentium-4 PC's, colour monitors and printers enables the students to gain expertise in working on the computer. The use of worksheets, along with the textbooks makes sure that lessons are taught innovatively to leave a lasting impression. The use of audio-visual aids such as OHP, LCD and T.V. with 52" screen makes the lessons come alive for the students lucidly.

Numerous activities are pursued by the students under the able guidance of trained members of the staff including yoga, music and dance, karate, taekwando, art & craft, aerobics and swimming. Regular Inter house, Inter Branch and Inter School competitions help to build the confidence of the students and widen their perspective.

Communication Skills :

Communication plays a major role in the modern world. All education is futile without the development of proper communication skills. There are numerous opportunities offered at Seedling to develop these important skills among the students. Elocution, Debates, Group Discussions, Essay Writing, Story Writing, News Reading and Extempore Speech by the students play a key role in the development of communication skills. We develop awareness of the sounds and rhythm of a language by reciting nursery rhymes and singing simple melodious songs in the junior section.

Teaching and learning specially Primary Section focuses on imaginative play and creative development. An important part of the development of all young children is their ability to represent and interpret their knowledge of the world in different ways. This is achieved through drawing & painting, making three dimensional models, singing, dancing and pretend play. Young children need the opportunity to be creative. They need the appropriate materials and most importantly, the time to work alone, experience great joy and satisfaction, express their feelings, develop language, learn social skills, learn many skill and concepts, especially those related to shape, size, colour, texture, space, and handling of tools, interpret their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Secondary Section (VI-X)

The prescribed syllabi of CBSE and NCERT form the basis of the curriculum at this stage. The School endeavors to expose the pupils to a wider spectrum of knowledge through project-work, audio-visual aids and first-hand experience. At the end of Std. X, the students are well equipped to appear for the CBSE Exams as well as take up a career of their choice.

Sr. Secondary Section(XI-XII)

The Senior Secondary section prepares students for competitive examinations which will determine the career prospects of the students. At this stage, the students are required to opt for any four subjects of their choice, English is however compulsory. The subjects offered include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Geography and Physical Education.

Learning Environment :

The learning environment in the school is conducive to all round development and growth. The classes are small Seedling Group Of School, Senior Secondary Sectionand emphasis is on participatory learning through discussions, seminars, projects, and numerous activities. We offer a supportive environment to weaker students arranging extra/remedial classes from time to time for those who require special attention. We provide students with access to audio visual teaching and learning in various subjects including Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences through a complete set of over 2000 subject related capsules. Our school library has a stock of more than 30 thousand books including fiction and reference material. Our computer labs have the latest branded Pentium IV PC's with LAN connectivity. We have ISDN, Broad Band and Reliance dialup facility made available to students for their project work 24 hours.

Focus on English speaking is an important feature of the school and a Language Lab has been established which actively inculcates spoken English amongst the students. In consonance with the recommendations of the CBSE the Mathematics laboratory is also making the learning of Mathematics interesting for students in the school.