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Hey !

Exams round the corner? Feeling stressed out ? Scared ? Baffled ? Panic and anxiety attacks ? Relax! Exams are an inevitable part of student life. Use the stress to motivate you to improve your work and performance.

So put all negative feelings at bay. Release the heightened tension. Try one of these to break the monotony of studying.

  • Listen to good, soothing music to elevate your mood and boost your brain power.
  • Take a quick walk down the road or run down the garden path. A good exercise can boost your memory.
  • Create a study plan/time table. As you keep track of your progress, you will feel motivated to do better.
  • Get good sleep. Don’t skip sleep. Sleep (5-6 hours) can help your brain to assimilate new knowledge into your long term memory.
  • Meditation for a few minutes can help your mind to relax in the midst of all the flurry.
  • You’ll love this. Eat some good, dark bitter chocolate. It acts as a natural stress fighter. Eat the right food. Say ‘No’ to junk.
  • Break free from distractions like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. It leads to a significant waste of time. Instead speak to a family member to enlist moral support which can work wonders for you.


Now go ahead. Organise you time. Do your best. No exam is a ‘monster’ or ‘death trap’. Lets get excited about conquering exam stress, much like you’re ready to conquer the highest mountain. Take it as an exciting challenge.


And don’t forget, there is life after exams. This too will pass.


Good Luck !

Love Always