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When you’re not sure of what to do, you keep on doing whatever comes to you and end up wasting a lot of time in the process. May be you can identity some of these as your top time wasters.

  • LACK OF CLARITY OF PRIORITIES : Not knowing one’s priorities is the biggest time waster. Identify yours and you’ll have a road map to guide your conduct and actions.
  • CONFLICT : Conflict takes up energy and drains us of all our enthusiasm. Handle the conflicts to minimize the drains and enhance your focus and energy.
  • PROCRASTINATION :  Indecisiveness, daydreaming and delay in taking action impede progress. Consider creating supports that can help you in your decision making.
  • LACK OF SELF DISCIPLINE : Structure supports our creativity, it doesn’t impede it. Self discipline is knowing what to pay attention to and living from this awareness to stay on track.
  • UNFINSHED TASKS : Jumping from one task to the other, leaving tasks partly done, Constantly switching priorities all contribute to wasting time. Tie up loose ends for better focus.
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING : Facebook, and other social media can be a huge black hole for time and not every photo needs to be uploaded, captioned, shared and checked for ‘likes’.
  • SAYING YES TO TOO MANY THINGS : You can’t do it all and you shouldn’t. Carefully weigh opportunities and requests that come your way and learn to Say No

Time wasters will keep your from focusing on what’s really important. Identify what drains you, makes you lose your focus and try and make the most of your hours. Save you time and headaches along the way! Find ways to lessen the time wasters in your day.