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Hey Guys !

No charm equals that of a good listener. Good listening is such a rare thing in individuals. Ask yourself if you’re a good listener. Real listening demands that you pay careful attention to who is speaking to you, be patient and truly try to understand what the other person is saying. How about trying some of this over the next few days-

  • Listen more than you talk.
  • Don’t dilute your attention by thinking about what you will say next.
  • Let the speaker finish telling you what he/she wants to. Try to get into the speaker’s perspective instead of hearing or judging through yours.
  • Give adequate feedback through eye contact, right posture, learning forward, etc.
  • Limit distractions during conversation.
  • Don’t check your phone repeatedly when someone is speaking to you.


Always remember, being listened to attentively feels so awesome. It’s actually flattering and fosters great relations. Good listeners around us are a source of solace and comfort. Listening is truly the highest form of love and care.

Stay in your strongest listening mode !