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Global Agenda

The World at Your Doorstep

Being an exchange students is a very rewarding experience, and often a life changing one. International learning and knowledge propels students toward acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspective. The experience of learning a new language, living with a host family and adapting to a new culture goes a long way in boosting a student’s confidence. It brings about maturity and social poise which is fuelled by the necessity to conduct challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone.

In an attempt to broaden the social and cultural horizon of its students, Seedling has signed an MOU with German Schools for a student exchange programme which aims at strengthening academic and cultural co-operation between the two countries. An annual programme that has invited enthusiastic participation. It entails a 3 week visit by our students, teachers and teacher trainees in the months of June and July, while the German exchange partners visit us in September/October. The school is also a part of Global Education initiative of the Britsh Council and is working with a group of India and UK schools on educational projects.

The Learning Environment

The learning environment in the school is conductive to all round development and growth. The classes are small and emphasis is on participatory learning through discussions, seminars, projects, and numerous activities. We offer a supportive environment to weaker students arranging extra/ remedial classes from time to time for those who require special attention. We provide students with access to audio Visual teaching and learning in various subjects including Science, Mathematics and Social Sciences through a complete set of over 2000 subject related capsules. Our school library has a stock of 30 thousand books including fiction and reference material. Our computer labs have the latest branded Pentium IV pcs with LAN connectivity. W have ISDN, Broad Band and Reliance dial up facility made available to students for their project work 24 hours.

Smart Class

Another prestigious addition has been bringing technology into the classroom. An exhaustive repository of world class digital modules or lessons consisting of 2D and 3D animations, graphics, audio and video on every subjects have made difficult concepts liquid clear. The result is amazing. A new light of understanding has dawned on young awakened minds. Smart Class has made the classroom a fascinating place for happy children.

Interactive Laboratories

Focus on English speaking is an important feature of the school and a language lab has been established which actively inculcates spoken English amongst the students. In consonance with the recommendations of the CBSE the Mathematics laboratory is also making the learning of Mathematics interesting for students in the school. Education songs, nursery rhymes with actions, story narration, display charts, flash cards, puppets, educational toys, craft work are the interesting Play-way techniques which are a forte in the Pre-Primary and Primary School.


Learing and evaluation go hand in hand, grades are awarded to students based on performance. There are two school terms in each session. The I Term from April to September and II Term from October to March. Each term includes two formatives and one summative evaluation, Records are kept of the student’s progress throughout the year and reports are sent to the parents.

Communication Skills

Communication plays a major role in the modern world. All education is futile without the development of proper communication skills. There are numerous opportunities offered at Seedling to develop these important skills among the students. Elocution, Debates, Group Discussions, Essay Writing, Story Writing, News Reading and Extempore Speech by the students play a key role in the development of communication skills. We develop awareness of the sounds and rhythm of a language by reciting nursery rhymes and singing simple melodious songs in the junior section.

Computer Education

Computer education beings as soon as the child joins Seedling Modern High School. The school has two well-equipped computer labs. The staff is highly qualified and spends a great deal of time and effort to motivate the students to do their own projects and presentations.


The laboratories attached to the Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English departments are well equipped to deal with all the practical aspects of these subjects.

Vocational Training

The School provides facilities to the students for vocational training keeping in mind the interests of the students in areas like Media Advertising, Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Photography, Commercial Art, Computers, Carpentry, Business Administration, Management etc.