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The Torchbearers

Mrs. Mohini Bakshi
Principal Director

Mrs. Mohini Bakshi, Principal Director of the Seedling group, as one of the forerunners of pre-primary education in Rajasthan. She spearheaded the Seedling group in its formative years through her visionary leadership and rich experience of teaching. She believes that we all have a duty to shine, and this world would be less of a place if we choose to play small with our lives. According to her, a child is much more than the sum total of his behaviour, his test scores or the grades on his report card. A child is a living being who has needs, hopes, interests and dreams. In order to help a child grow not only in intellectual capacities but also in other dimensions of his being, a good educational institute must draw forth whats inside him and treat him with responsibility. As is the case with Seedling.

Dr. Sandeep Bakshi
C.E.O. & Director

Dr. Sandeep Bakshi, C.E.O. and Director of the Seedling group and Chancellor of Jaipur National University, apart from being an administrator par excellence is also a proven trouble shooter, a motivated leader and a perfectionist of rare kind. Through his impeccable administration, he has galvanised the faculties into action. He is a visionary for whom the sky is the limit. Where others see adversity, he sees an opportunity. He believes strongly that we need to get our priorities right if we are to influence the next generations positively. Education that builds fundamental traits of character, such as honesty, compassion, courage, persistence, sensitivity and responsibility is absolutely essential. He asserts firmly that the Seedling group, a recognized landmark in its pursuit of excellence in education, holistic development and human excellence is committed to the goal of creating well rounded individuals with a global perspective yet steeped in deep respect for our rich cultural heritage and value systems.

Dr. Preeti Bakshi

Dr. Preeti Bakshi, our director believes that learning is a never ending process and one learns from everything. A grand vision and a burning desire to succeed are the hallmarks of her persons which have made her rise to the pinnacle of success. She believes stimulated as well as personal cross-cultural experience at home and abroad are a significant part of global and International education, Study tours, student and faculty exchanges, semesters abroad, work with international students, and student teaching in other countries are some of the ways. We as educators build cross-cultural knowledge, develop skills in cross-cultural communication, and motivate teachers to teach from a global perspective.

Ms. Akansha Bakshi
Joint Director

Ms. Akansha Bakshi, Joint Director is the face of generation next. She is a bundle of energy, full of ideas & creativity. An out of the box thinker she believes in leading from the front and has a deep faith in the extraordinary potential of todays youth. And so, the deep passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of the children continues.